Casablanca Digital Critical Edition

The Georgia Tech eTV Prototyping group, in collaboration with the American Film Institute and with the cooperation of Warner Brothers Home Video and InterActual, has created a prototype of Digital Edition of the American film classic Casablanca (1942), which will serve as the prototype for a repository for scholarly and critical annotations of all of American films.

The annotations reside on a server run by the American Film Institute and place calls to a DVD on the end-user's computer. By linking the web-based annotations to the local DVD with a uniform information structure the project aims to reconcile the needs of copyright holders and film scholars. Students can access specific segments of the video without resort to costly or illegal reproduction. Scholars can link targeted film segments to other primary materials such as shooting scripts and production memos.

The focus of this prototype is the film view. The viewer can watch the film with the option of accessing relevant out takes from an online database.

Group Members:

Prof. Janet H. Murray, Project Director
Negar Farhi, Project Manager
Roshan Menon
Brooke Thompson

In collaboration with:

eTV Prototyping Group at Georgia Tech
The American Film Institute Digital Content Lab
Warner Brothers Home Video

Screenshot of Casablanca
Left Arrow number 1 number 2 number 3 Right Arrow